Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Snow Madness

Here is the Pacific Northwest even the mention of snow gets us giddy. Over the long weekend we did some snow learning/craft activities to summon the snow. Wishful thinking I suppose. However our snow dreams paid off because we are enjoying our first (and probably only snow day of the year) We even got up and played before the sunrise, just in case it melts!

Snow Crafts:
Noodle Snowflakes "A" made
I attempted to make Borax Crystals. They would start to form but then stop. I must not have got the ratios right or water hot enough. Sort of a bummer! I will have to try it again one day!
"A" drew a picture of a snowman and made labels. Here he tried to write snow.
"A" put the snowman on ski's. Here you see his label sce for ski. Nice sounding out the phenomes!
Snow Reading:
Gibbon's writes a ton of terrific Non-Fiction nature books for younger children that are in picture book format. There are some great facts in these books. This one discuss how snow is made and more!
Terrific book about a farmer who was the first man to take microscopic photographs and discover no two snowflakes are alike. Excellent picture book biography suitable for any age.
Some of Snowflake Bentley's photographs of snow crystals.
One of "A's" favorite snow books. The pics are so sweet and soft they will melt your heart.
What do snowmen do when people go to bed at night. Read Snowmen at Night to find out.
Snow Day Fun:
"B" enjoying the snow (for about 10 mins)
The boys in the snow at dawn
My street. Already melting and sloshy. We called school for this-gotta love the Pacific NW
Me and "B"-did I mention I wasn't fully awake yet and it was before sunrise!
"A's" feeble attempts to make a snowman
"A" settled for a tabletop snowman. He is so proud. I think he looks terrifying, but I would never tell "A" that!
Ahhh....all warm with hot chocolate. That is more like it!


  1. Awesome post, Sarah! Awesome! I love the crafts and the book recommendations are great. Your snow day looks like SO. MUCH. FUN!!! :)

  2. I am so jealous of all that snow! What fabulous photos and you just had so much fun!!!!

    I shared your pasta wheel snowflakes on FB, Twitter & pinned them on Pinterest!

    Thanks for sharing on the Sunday Showcase Sarah!