Sunday, December 11, 2011

"Gingerbread" Forest

I have to admit but I have the WORST luck making gingerbread houses. They always fall apart before I even get the candy on. More often than not the boys and I have high hopes of an adorable creation, but out of complete frustration of trying to keep the roof from caving in we just pig out and forget our dream Christmas houses.
Then I came across a brilliant idea on Pinterest to have a cute decorated creation with no worries of making walls stay up. We decided to take sugar cones and turn them upside down to make a forest of Christmas trees. It was so much fun not having to worry if it would break or not. We decorated it the same way we would a gingerbread house. I have to admit they were pretty tasty as well. However, this time we didn't eat them out of frustration but because they looked too yummy to resist!
Some of our supplies
Can't contain the excitement-do you see baby sneaking treats
I had to let him in on the action!

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  1. This is brilliant and SO much better than a Gingerbread House!