Friday, December 9, 2011

Bad Kitty Christmas

I don't know if you are familiar with the characters Bad Kitty and Poor Puppy but I love them. Nick Bruel is one of my favorite children book authors, and they are great concept books for little ones. If you want to read the books it is best to read Bad Kitty first, then Poor Puppy, and then the chapter books (HILARIOUS), and then lastly this one. That is the order of publication date. If you don't read the chapter books still read the three picture books in order so you can understand the relationship between Bad Kitty & Poor Puppy.

In the story, Bad Kitty runs away and an elderly woman finds him and brings him home. The old woman didn't have much but a small tree with pictures on it. The story has a very sweet message about the meaning of the holidays. This got me thinking about what memories are important to me. I had never though of making photo Christmas ornaments (past ones of the children, of course). I decided to turn our last year Christmas photo into an ornament. I just mod-podged the photo onto some glittery card stock. I added some clear glitter to the photo to blend it into the background, and then added a red ribbon. Now it hangs on my tree to remind me of family memories instead of just possessions!

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