Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Highlights 2011

I am ashamed how little I have written this month. I had the best intentions of crafting, teaching, cooking, and all other fun festive Christmas things, just didn't happen. My boys were sick most of the month and I wasn't really in the Christmas mood with the hubs away in Alaska. That isn't to say we did have some fun, family memories being made. Here is a highlight of some of our Christmas memories.
"B" found the corner behind tree was his favorite hiding place
Ornaments constantly thrown through out the house to be sucked on and played with
Family tradition of walking the Fantasy Trail
Polar Express Train Ride
Golden Ticket
Daddy is home!
 Santa threw up in our house!
My mother-in-law made match dog sweaters=LOVE!

The boys got matching sweaters as well!

Opening Night for the Blazers (Aiden's 1st NBA Game) 

Keepsake Ornament my sister in Japan made me
She included a list of all of our memories that are in the ornament. So thoughtful!~

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