Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas Action Cards

One of my more popular post is about playing games with your child that get them moving and being active. I love the ABC exercise cards, but I was so excited to find similar cards inspired by Christmas. At Oopsey Daisy blog you can print out twelve Christmas action cards that are super cute and a blast to play with. We took turns drawing the cards and acting out the sentence. Some of the cards have you "Run like the Gingerbread Man", "March like a Nutcracker", and "Twirl like a Snowflake!"
Aren't these action cards adorable. Make sure to go over to Oopsey Daisy to check them out.
"Roll like a Chirstmas Ornament"
"Prance like a Reindeer"
"Melt like a Snowman"

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  1. OMC! I just discovered this blog and downloaded the U is for USA unit. My kiddos are LOVING the action cards!