Monday, April 28, 2014

Poetry Journal

Back when I taught 5th grade, poetry was used frequently in our classroom. We used poetry as a way for students to work on their fluency. Students would answer comprehension questions, act out the poems with peers, or draw imagery from it daily. When I home-schooled "A" for a short while I knew I wanted to give him the same exposure, but at a primary level. At Just 4 Teachers I found what I was looking for, a poetry journal where kinder kids can highlight sight words, work on their reading, and do an art project for each poem. 

Now that "A" is older and no longer home-schooled I still wanted to introduce him to amazing poetry. We still work in the journal but we do more comprehension type questions rather than look for sight words. I also pick harder poems for him to read. 
 Here is his most current page for All Things Bright and Beautiful by Cecil Frances Alexander
I am loving this artwork. We used our Easter colored egg shells as a mosaic for the flowers.
This page is for the poem At the Seaside by Robert Louis Stevenson. The sandcastle is made on sandpaper.
 Primary Page (see highlighted sight words): My Robot Does My Homework by Kenn Nesbitt 
(robot made with markers, aluminum foil & buttons)
 Primary Page: Thanksgiving (great way to tie in seasonal poems). 
Art made with lunch sack & construction paper. 
 1492 Poem with a color pencil drawing he made from step-by-step instructions
 Primary Page: Another seasonal/holiday poem called Trick or Treat. 
He made a trick-or-treat house from his leftover trick-or-treat candy loot.
 Primary Page:  Poem titled I Talk With The Moon with and handprint painted owl
 Primary Page: Scarecrow poem with cut construction paper art
 Primary Page: Leaves poem with abstract marker art
First one we ever did:  Poem is called Harvest time with apple print art. 

Check out the link above because she has the cover and some of the primary poems (like Harvest Time above) available as a free printable to get you started if you have younger kids. For older kids just search websites for popular kid poems. I will make sure to show you if we do any cool ones in the future.To read more about the importance of reading poetry to your child and tips to get started I recommend this quick article titled Celebrating Poetry, from PBS.

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  1. I have never tackled poetry with my 3rd grader. This is a great reminder to start! Thanks!!