Saturday, April 12, 2014

I'm Back!!!

I can't believe I haven't been blogging in over a year and a half. YIKES! I have to learn how to do things all over again. Back in 2012, I started really examining my motives for blogging, and started to slowing stop. Taking a year off, I realized that blogging actually helps me be a better mommy. It held me accountable to actually PLAY with my children. Busyness of life crept in, and with that the time my boys spent in front of electronics increased. Confession.....I became a lazy mom. In all fairness, living in Alaska, the long winters are tempting times to bunker down and hibernate.

We are in the process of adopting from foster care. Something I will share about more when I am able.Something we talk about a lot in training is attachment disorders. The amount of time kiddos are in front of television, movies, and electronic devices can exasperate an attachment disorder because they don't have to bond, attach or socially respond to other people. Even for children who aren't at-risk too much time with inanimate devices can diminish their social skills. The great thing about the adoption process and all the training and poking into your life is you get an idea of the type of mom you want to be. It is a reboot to your family. One we are in desperate need of.  

So it is back to more actively, engaged time playing with my children. It is time to get silly, dirty, creative, exploratory, and active. I'm ready for more healthy and happy children who are connected with their family and the security, delight, and wonder that  attachment brings. 


  1. YAHOO! I'm SO glad you're back! I've readded your blog to my blog roll and cannot wait to see what you've got to share with your followers and to follow your foster care journey!

  2. Thanks for alway being such a great support for me. I always looking at your blog!