Tuesday, May 6, 2014

DYI Weighted Stuff Animal

When you have a child that has Sensory Processing Disorder you hear a lot about the use of weighted blankets. Children (any age really) that struggle with ADHD, SPD, trauma, anxiety, depression, Autism Spectrum, and other disorder can benefit from the deep proprioceptive pressure given by a weighted item. The items facilitate a calming & centering  feeling. Sometimes the weighted items are in a vest, lap pad, and most commonly a blanket. Parents swear by them and find weighted blankets are one of the only ways to get their child to sleep through the night (a common problem with these kiddos). My child (like many SPD children) has trouble regulating his temperature. He hates to have clothes on, never mind blankets. However, I wanted to see if the use of a weighted item would help him. I had heard about weighted stuffed animals and started looking into buying one. Like most therapy tools they can be spendy. Then it dawned on me that adapting a stuffed animal he already had would be easy and almost free. I personally chose a stuffed animal that had a longer/flatter body so that it could sit across his laps, almost like a lap pad...trying to kill two weighted birds with one stone.

A stuffed animal we had around the house. I think "A" bought this for "B" for Xmas 2 years ago from ToysRUs           Step one: Open a seam
Step two: fill it with rice, beans, popcorn kernels, fish tank rocks, etc. Should be weight of about 5% or your child's weight.
"B" ways about 53 lbs so our stuffed animal is about 2 -3 pounds

Step three: Hand sew it back up on the seam. I am not a great  and I  could did it. I told "B" he had surgery.

It really is that easy!
Look at that smile....love my happy boy!
Using weight stuffed animal as a lap pad. He looks pretty calm to me.  


  1. When my son (with ADHD) was in kindergarten he used a weighted blanket. I never thought about making something similar for home! This is such great advice/tutorial.

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