Thursday, October 4, 2012

Tot School-Apples

This week I have attempted once again to start up Tot School. As I have mentioned many times before my tot is behind in speech and some other cognitive development areas due to his Sensory Processing Disorder. Previously, I would print out tot school pages and suggested activities and it just brought to light all that he couldn't do and not what he good. It made me feel frustrated and grieving the fact he wasn't where other kiddos were at. I am going to do things I know he can succeed and like-period!
A is for Apple Color sheet from Twisty Noodle with our color of the week RED! 
Going on a red hunt. I had these in a basket for the week. I had to help with this because he has a hard time sorting and matching. That is why we are staying on one color and trying to saturate him with it!
Montessori-open and closing containers with different trinkets inside. This he excels at and loves it! 

Apple prints. I put a corn on the cob holder in the apple so all he had to do was stamp it. 
Another thing he recently learned to do and enjoys is stickers.I colored the tree for him. 
This week was his first time using a glue stick. He LOVED it but had some difficulty. 
He did the bingo paint plotter. We both loved it and will keep doing it. I definitely had to model it by guiding his hand for the about half of the sheet. 
He tried apple bobbing after watching brother. Then we did an apple tasting. He has trouble chewing so this was a sensitive activity but he did great under TONS of supervision.

A red collage-Mommy precut the pictures and he helped put them on the page. 
Matching-this is REALLY hard for him so it took about 3 days. 
All that he achieved in his first week. A lot to be proud of!!! 

We used the awesome Aa is for Apple pack from Allfordays. We will be linking up with Tot School at 1+1+1=1. She is the go to for anything and everything tot school related and such an inspiration.

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