Monday, May 21, 2012

A-Z Art: A is for Apple Prints

Part of how our summer schedule is that every Monday afternoons will be Masterpiece Mondays (more on our schedule tomorrow). Since art is going to be a frequent activity this summer I wanted to have a focus. About a year ago, I heard about a woman who decided to do an A-Z theme with picking different mediums and art ideas based on the letter of the alphabet, I was inspired! My oldest and I sat down and came up with an plan for 26 different art projects. The ideas are truly endless. It was hard to narrow down what to do for each letter because I kept thinking of more different ways we could do art- at least there is always next summer!

A-Apple Prints
B-Bubble Art 
C-Contact Collage
D-Drip Art
E-Eggshell Art
G-Glue & Watercolor Resist
H-Handprint Art
I-Inventions (robots)
J-Jars (glitter)
K-Kenya Masks
L-Leafprint Art
M-Melted Crayon Art
N-Newpaper Art
O-Origami Art
Q-Quill Art
R-Rocks (Story)
S-Seed Mosaic
T-Tissue Paper Stainglass
U-USA Needlepoint
V-Valentine Heart Suncatchers
W-Wheel Print Art
X-Xray Sketches
Y-Yarn Weaving

For our first Masterpiece Monday we painted with apples. I cut up four apples and put out four different colors of paint (apple colors of course). I decided to make some puffy paint too for different texture. To make puffy paint: mix white shaving foam, white Elmers glue and paint. I don't have exact ratios but just kept adding glue and paint for good measure. I let it be COMPLETELY kid-directed (which won't always be the case on all letters). I really thought they would stamp with the apples but my sons wanted to drag the apples like paint brushes. Both boys liked the sensory aspect of the puffy paint. If you have a kiddo with a sensory disorder or an oral toddler I would be careful putting paint (that isn't edible) on apples and freely handing it to them. Apples are meant to be eaten, right?!? I'm slowly learning about this sensory stuff!

Anyhoo, keep checking back for A-Z Art ideas, Masterpiece Mondays, and our new AWESOME summer schedule.


  1. How awesome that you have a plan, Sarah. As usual, I don't. :( Your apple artwork looks amazing - definitely frame-worthy!

  2. You will be keeping busy. How fun. I have done apple printing with Johnny Appleseed is amazing how many of my kiddos wanted to use the apple like a brush instead of a stamp.

    Chickadee Jubilee