Friday, May 11, 2012

Exploring Color

"A" has been asking me for months what different colors mixed together make. Which is funny because we have worked on primary colors in the past, but its good to relearn things to help aid recall and build schema. This week I drew some circles on a piece of paper and wrote the names of some colors under them. Then "A" would paint the two colors and then after mixing the two tell me what the new color they made was. I got the idea for this from kirarts blog. Here is "A" working on it:
I wanted to include more than the first three traditional color mixes.
If your child likes computer games there is a Curious George game that is great for color mixing and exploring color. There are only four colors to choose from and you have to pick when colors and the amount. George mixes it up and you can paint a coloring sheet. It took me some time to figure out how to make the color for Curious George himself but I did it. To play Mix and Paint go to

"A's" finished picture (all painted using only white, blue, red, and yellow)

Then because "A" loves water play so much I broke down and let him play with water glasses & food dye. I totally let it be kid-directed and let him have at it. This is so hard for me to do (especially because he used almost ALL of the dye). When he was done with the mixology I gave him some syringes so he could work on filling them with liquid and then squirting tit into one of our silicone ice trays. This was great fine-motor skill work for him and encouraged him to remain focused.

We got the tray from Ikea for about $2.50
After the ice cubes were made we did a little ice painting. The "paint" is very subdued and similar to watercolors. Since this was such a sensory activity I could have "B" participate. He wasn't in a mood so he only played with the ice a short while, but I popped them back in the freezer for another day. I am looking forward to more "messy play" with "B" as I learn more about his diagnosis of Sensory Processing Disorder. I was happy it was an activity that the whole family could participate, instead of leaving poor "B' out to watch big brother.
Aren't they pretty!
One of the ice painting masterpieces

Lastly, I wanted to show you a cute book we found by Melani Watt (one of our most favorite children's writers) called Leon the Chameleon. It has a great color theme-along with other important themes like feelings and friendship. This book in particular encourages critical thinking. Why would a chameleon be afraid if they turned into the opposite color of what they were standing on? To hear my 5 year-old read the first few pages watch the video. So proud of my reader!!!!

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