Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I Will Make Miracles

I ran across the most amazing book at the library the other day, I Will Make Miracles by Susie Morgenstern. It is one of those treasures that stick with you about a boy that believes when he grows up he will do so much more than be a pilot but in fact make miracles. The illustrates are just as captivating. Some are more realistic representations but others are just brush strokes and colors to set the mood.

Brush strokes to represent fighting in the world
Life is more, much more than seems
Love not only locking up bad guys but turning them into wise old sages
Strokes to represent earthquakes, floods, and fire
Stretch days longer so everyone can grow stronger ((LOVE))
To change the world you need to first read and write
Pretty amazing, right? Get the book and read all the amazing miracles I didn't include. The art and message of this book just lended itself to a little art lesson of our own. I asked "A" to think of a miracle he would like to make and then do an art representation of it. I really wanted him to use the broad brush strokes but he didn't want to. He wanted to so something with space so I suggested shooting stars. Then he reminded me it had to rhyme. Typical boy he had to add the skeletons to the mix (but he got inspiration from the book-you have to read it to see where). I did one too of course...
"B's" first watercolor experience. Why, Yes that is red paint on his forehead and hair ;o)
Mine: This saying was inspired by "A" asking that we add respect all living things to our new house rules.

One more little art project "A" did with highlighters he found on a three-panel paper. I think he secretly was trying to make a LONG piece of art after watching the movie Romona and Beezus (which I loved but could be because I adore John Corbett). Romona and her dad (Corbett) make a scroll of her town that wraps around the school room. Ours is definitely not that LONG but maybe we will have to do the scroll idea soon.

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