Monday, April 30, 2012

Black & White Sensory Bin

We bought some beanbag chairs recently and I took some of the filling out to make them a little more comfy. Instance lightbulb moment: beanbag filling would be a great sensory bin filler. I didn't have an idea in mind to begin with but  just stared at it hoping ideas would flow. I think it would make great snow and first thought snowmen (have some really cute ones pinned) but winter is OVER in my book. Then I thought Arctic since we just moved to Anchorage, but I don't have enough goodies yet. Trying to find things around the house I decided to go with a black and white theme.Here is the finished product:

What is included:

Measuring cups and spoons
Black Poms (very large to small)
PVC pipe cut to make a tunnel
Police Car & wooden train engine
Animals: lamb, zebra, dalmation dog, cow, orca
White knobbily sensory  ball
Dupblo Blocks
Googly Eyes
BeanBag Filler

"B" actually played with it successfully without putting any in his month (SHOCKING)! He doesn't "play" very much---something that concerns me greatly. I was more than elated to see him playing with the sensory bin for over 20mins and having a hot fit when I put it away finally. 
Big Brother had to get in on the action.
I am so proud of his scooping abilities.
Black Snowman---it works (sort of)

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