Thursday, February 23, 2012

Current Update

I am so ashamed that I have only written twice this month. It is really telling how often I have done supplementing at home with the boys-not much. In 5 weeks I will be boarding a plane to move to Anchorage. Before that time I need to back up the house, finish student teaching, finish my state/school final project, get the boys and dogs ready for the move, and make about a million calls and plans. Can you tell I am overwhelmed!

My hubs found our new home in Anchorage today. I am so excited! It is the biggest home I have ever had the privilege of living in. One of my wants is making a playroom. I am thinking about converting the formal living room into a playroom, since we don't need a living room & a family room. I am trying to figure out how to do this and yet not have the main living space not look cluttered and dirty. I am also trying to decide on layout and storage. I can't wait until we are unpacked and playing in our new home.

Thank you for being supportive and I promise the posts will return with a vengenous in April. Your patience has been astounding!

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