Sunday, September 2, 2012

1st Day Apprehensions

We have moved to a new state, new school district, and new school. I am a little hesitant this year because the kids are forced to sit in a desk all day. As many of you know I having my elementary teaching degree and I thought we had moved away from the idea of direct instruction with kids listening to lectures at their desk to more active learning. I think it is imperative for students to be able to move, have choice in books and what they write about, working in small collaborative groups, and an environment that encourages meta-cognitive thinking. Evidently, not in the AK.

On top of the classroom environment the school days are about 30 minutes longer than his other school (which I don't mind), but he only has ONE 20 minute recess ALL DAY. Also he can't have any snacks. For my little active sensory kiddos I feel like this is just setting him up to fail. So what can I say-I am remaining hopeful (although not positive). I am also making contingency plans to pull out for homeschool if it comes to that. But anyhoo, here it was "A's" first day of first grade...

For the adorable first day of school signs you can go to Super Mom Moments blog. I am so grateful for creative people out there to help me make memories with my little ones.

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  1. Yikes! No snacks and only one recess? I don't blame you for feeling like you do. My oldest is in second grade and he still gets 2 recesses and can bring a snack from home, which he always gobbles down. I hope your son surprises you and the year goes smoothly! Thinking of you all!